Experience One of the Most Remote, Biodiverse Places on Earth on your Madagascar Adventure Holidays

Welcome to the Nosy Komba, which remains one of the most remote, biodiverse places on Earth. Start your Madagascar Adventure Holidays now and experience an unforgettable adventure through this amazing habitat.

Why Komba Cabana?

Disconnect to Reconect

Komba Cabana is a unique Madagascar’s beach & forest Lodge located in Nosy Komba island. Lodge has an inviting atmosphere and an elegant environment, designed intentionally to peak your sense of wonder and slow the hurried pace of everyday life.

Immediately upon entering Komba Cabana, you will experience the beauty of the natural surroundings and our commitment to deliver an unforgettable getaway for our guests. Our dedication to creating unique and distinctive experiences is paramount, as we believe the secret is in the details. With this in mind, we thoughtfully tailor our services to the specific needs and desires of each and every guest.


"You're not doing it just to go on a holiday, you're doing it to support your own wellbeing and to experience an adventure of a lifetime."

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Our Client's Experiences

One of the best stays I even had in my life! The place is managed by a wonderful family, so be sure to be very well taken care of. Water was for free. The hotel is very cosy, clean and quiet. Design is very well thought through. Exceptionally good service, great location, ocean is very clean with a small coral reef 20-30 meters away from the shore. There are also 3 sea turtles living somewhere around which you can see in the second half of a day. Food is always freshly cooked, fresh juices for breakfast, nice cutlery and decoration. I stayed just 2 nights but I wish I stayed longer. Highly recommended.

Rooms: 5/5Service: 5/5Location: 5/5

Tatiana S

We originally booked 3 nights at Komba Cabana, but within 10 minutes of our arrival, we knew we would extend our stay if possible. We ended up staying 5 nights, and it was very hard to leave. Everything was perfect! The property is beautiful, the staff is kind and professional, and the hosts are incredibly friendly, helpful, and accommodating. The food is freshly cooked daily and tailored to our needs.

We can 100% recommend this accommodation; it’s worth it in every way!!

Paul Kunz

The highlight of my trip. After a 3-week stay on the Red Island, Komba Cabana was the best, perfect and sweet happy ending. The lodge is carefully designed, with such a good taste and lot of beautiful details. The food is incredible, home-made and freshly prepared by the hosting family running the business. The location is magical. The view is over one of the best sunset you will experience in Madagascar. And finally, the hosting family, is the cherry on top of the cake. Their warm hospitality will make your experience unforgettable and you will immediately feel home, in one of the most beautiful places in Madagascar!

Jacopo Bordogna

“Komba Cabana is Pure Nature and Pure People. We are an experienced travellers and we’ve seen many accommodations all over the world. Komba Cabana surprised in every way: contact with nature, peace, disconnection from the busy way of life, excellent food, cleanliness and especially helpful staff and wonderful hosts. It was not easy to come back to reality. We will definitely come back!”

Maja Sršen and Tomaž Vrhovnik

“Exceptional experience! Hosts Špela and Borut exceed all standards. The food is excellent. Definitely a destination we will visit again in the future.”

Bojan and Katja Justin

“We had a dream stay with my wife, for 6 days, at Komba Cabana. The heavenly location, the comfort of the bungalow (with outdoor shower, direct access to the beach and the sound of the waves that lulls you to sleep :)), the excellent cuisine and above all the extraordinary family hospitality of the owners, always there. listening and eager to please you, we only want to go back! Thanks again to our 3 fantastic hosts!”

Christophe Ferrand

Komba Cabana Resort is a true paradise, and I am grateful for the opportunity to experience it. I will cherish the memories of my time at your resort, and I look forward to returning in the future.
Thank you once again for providing me with a fantastic getaway at Komba Cabana. You have truly set a high standard for hospitality and service.

Family Zupanc

An absolute gem of a resort! We stayed in a bungalow, which gives total honeymoon vibes and also has an outdoor shower! Everything was nature friendly, clean and comfortable. The hosts went above and beyond to ensure our comfort and they helped us with booking some exursions in the area. The food was amazing! The private beach is beautiful and just a few bends away from the coral reef, where you can snorkel and see turtles living nearby. Can’t wait to return!

Nuša Klepec

Best place I have been to in a very long time! The hospitality and friendliness of the owners and staff is amazing.
I will definitely will be coming back.

Would highly recommend if you would like a peaceful amd serene place to stay in Nosy Komba.

Inge Muller

Dear Komba Cabana Resort Team,

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful experience I had at Komba Cabana Resort. From the moment I arrived, it was evident that your team is dedicated to providing an exceptional and memorable stay for your guests.

Nejc Zupanc

We Are A Proud Member of BGCI

Botanic Gardens Conservation International is a plant conservation charity based in Kew, Surrey, England. It is a membership organisation, working with 800 botanic gardens in 118 countries, whose combined work forms the world’s largest plant conservation network.
Diving at Komba Cabana, Nosy Komba - Adventure Holidays MadagascarKomba Cabana, Nosy Komba - Adventure Holidays Madagascar

Do You Feel a Powerful Desire, That You Must Be Near the Ocean?

Are you craving the sound of the waves gently slapping on the shore? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel the salty breeze caress your face?

If you answered “yes” to those questions, then we have something for you. Based in Nosy Komba, our Madagascar Adventure Holiday travel experiences range from wildlife and marine life exploration to scuba diving, inner journeys, and cultural collaborations.

Imagine yourself sinking your toes into the soft, golden sands, feeling the sun’s warmth embrace you. Doesn’t it feel amazing? The gentle waves create a soothing symphony, perfect for relaxation and total connection with the nature. We can do exactly that for you.


Rainforest Wildlife

The Madagascar’s Nosy Komba remains one of the most remote, biodiverse places on Earth. With that information in mind, let’s help you be a good guest as you travel through this amazing habitat.

Marine Life Exploring

The area has an immense and diverse population of fish and invertebrates such as the long-spined sea urchin, the cocks comb oyster, parrotfish, rabbitfish, surgeonfish, damselfish, and fusiliers.

Active Adventures

Escape reality and leave the crowds behind at these small secret islands where hordes of visitors are replaced by serenity and tranquility.

Inner Journeys

It is necessary to consistently manage stress in ways that are both healthy and effective. We know – we have been there.

Culture & Community

They see themselves as Antakarana. They are proud of their history and culture. They are commited to their Qeens and Kings. They are Antakarana.

What's new in our Madagascar Resort?

Pack your bags for your next Adventure Holidays in Madagascar and explore the striking wilderness on foot or by boat. Additionally, trek through Nosy Komba to see dramatic forests, swim with turtles, and try to capture the fairytale creatures that the locals tell us about in your camera lens.

Witness one of Africa’s most iconic sights and enjoy the palm-fringed beaches and turquoise waters of dazzling Nosy Komba, Nosy Be, Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Iranja, and Nosy Mitsio. Moreover, these islands offer unparalleled natural beauty and tranquility.

Are you already picturing yourself on the magical Madagascar? We invite you to visit us and create lifelong memories from Madagascar Adventure Holidays. Allow yourself to live in a fairy tale for a moment.

The family.

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Tailor-made Holidays

Whether you have a couple of weeks or a couple of months, we can build you a bespoke holiday of a lifetime, 100% tailored to you. We will mix your personal ideas with our destination expertise. Anything is possible!

Professional Tour Guides

Stay away from crowds on a private tour. Our guides are locals and professionals that lead our guests through the most interesting parts of island Nosy Komba, Madagascar’s national reserves and nearby islands. They help visitors to interpret the sights that they are visiting. Additionally, guides make sure that tourists have a positive experience and take care of their guests as good as they can.

Family travel

Fill your children’s eyes with the beauty of nature and in just a few days at Komba Cabana lodge, we will transform the way they see the world and provide a welcome natural escape from everyday life for grownups and kids alike.

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